Vision “Innovations for Tomorrow”


Mission “Help to increase revenue through tomorrow technology



We are a sister company operating in Sri Lanka under mother group of SERENDIB CONSULTANTS CANADA INC. The company focus is technological investments providing smart and effective innovations in digitization process.

Our STRENGTH is ability to envision future and to provide development, services and support of technology and services. Our dedicated team is the key to our success and we are geared to help Telco Corporations and Communication industries to increase their profits through integration of modern technology. We are a member of our global partners in business having projects delivered globally.

We provide innovative digital technological advanced OPPORTUNITIES to our clients and enhance business and revenue. We are proud to become a building block of global business entity.

We don’t believe healthy competition as a THREAT and our unique inventions attract less threats in the market.

Meet the Team



Managing Director

Lionel’s main role is to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term
goals. Lionel’s skill set represents strong crisis management skills and leading the company towards fulfilling its short-term and long-
term objectives within the team environment represents.

Lionel is currently leading and managing our Canadian mother company SERENDIB CONSULTANTS CANADA INC as well as Asian
regional extensions of CANADA GATEWAY PRIVATE LIMITED on, two business focused on technological innovations.



Director - CTO

The striking skill Sameera contributes to the company is to lead comprehensive technological management of our leading innovative projects. Armed with a wide array of skill set in innovations in IT development,

Sameera is an important piece in the puzzle through extension of services in strategic and tactical planning, IT crisis management, relationship building experience, developing coherence in technology development teams and R&D department.

Company mission and strategy

Our mission is to help business to make more money using tomorrow’s technology

Our innovations products are mainly focused to deliver tomorrow technology, digitation and viable products to streamline and simply methods of delivery. Innovations aim to deliver value and to simplify the operation models of businesses.

We simply enhance quality through innovations, save environment through less consumables, increase revenue through increasing efficiency.

Increase business and revenue


Our main priority is to increase revenue through streamlining business protocols using high tech digitisation. Through modern technology the companies enhance deliverables and sustainable growth.  Our clients are surprised by our business proposals and future oriented deliverables.


  • Design, production and delivery of tomorrow’s technology
  • Investments in technological market and telecommunication products
  • Look for further opportunities to enhance value of our product portfolio

Delivering value


Our strength is having a resourceful R&D team who are capable of delivering tomorrow’s technology, providing the Earth sustainable digital solutions that minimize use of consumables, improve productivity within clients’ enterprise and better solution as a business investment.


  • Up to date we have helped our clients to cut down on human resource significantly and to enhance recruitment of specialized HR to maintain and to move on with high tech products.
  • Each major project has helped saving 1,000,000 trees and saved 1,000,000 liters of fossil fuel for each two-year cycle. These are standard estimates only.

Simplicity in operation


Our products bring down company operation to simplicity and we help transformation in operation so that we can reduce complexity and our clients become more efficient.

Business responsibilities


Social responsibility is fundamental to our business and ethical practice is adhered in all our operations. Value of service, custom made solutions, company ethics and professionalism embedded in our culture makes meet modern day demands.