Canada Gateway introduces the latest in ICT

Canada Gateway Private Limited, a leading provider of innovative solutions, introduced the SmartPAL 1 device to Sri Lanka at a ceremony held at Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo on April 11 2018.  A large number of companies representing the phone companies in the country, leading banks and the Canada Gateway Company, Representative from China , were represented at this event.

SmartPAL 1 is more efficient in information and communication technology and is a novel finding. Through these devices, the information and communication process is accelerating and its accuracy is confirmed. Therefore, it can be considered a great investment opportunity for information and communication companies.

Canada Gateway’s Managing Director / CEO Dr Lionel Samyawardana briefed the audience on the importance of how SmartPAL 1 devices affect information and communication technology and the potential future changes in the event.

“This is indeed the moment of the future of the ICT industry in our country. Every work has a process up to the end. It is the same in the information and communication industry. So this process can be shortened and technologized by digitalization. More efficiency is more profitable. Hence, we are introducing a newer device to increase the speed and profitability of the telecommunications industry, “he explained.

Canada Gateway has introduced software programs in parallel with these two components. This device, powered by Android, is packed with features packed with smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, digital readers, digital readers, digital readers,
“We are planning to launch several new rounds in the field of technology in the future. We look forward to launching a new product in Sri Lanka to offer the best quality laptops and tablets at an affordable price. We are also discussing new initiatives that have been put together in technology in the banking industry. What technology can do in the journey towards development in Sri Lanka is remarkable. We are committed to providing innovative technology solutions to any aspect with a correct vision, “Dr. Samayawardena further added.

The vision of SERENDIB CONSULTANTS CANADA is the “Innovations for tomorrow” (the Innovations for the Future). In keeping with this vision, the company continues to innovate by innovating local and foreign innovative innovation teams.

“Most of our country has not yet been technologically advanced. If that does not change, we can not go forward in the competitive world. On the other hand, the needs of consumers are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, technology and innovation are indispensable in every field. “Dr. Samayawardena pointed out.

Canada Gateway Private Limited revolutionizes the telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka

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